Gallery - Kiln Formed Glass

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KILN-FORMED: Glass that is altered , fused, shaped, or textured by the heat of a kiln.

Aperture Pour, (Pot Melt) is a technique to create an organic, unique mixture of glasses. The glass becomes molten and a low enough viscosity to pour through the hole (or aperture) in the bottom of a pot. The resulting pot melt can be used in its entirety as a bowl, or it can be cut up with a tile saw and the cut sections used as design elements.

Strip-cut construction. Strips of glass are cut from sheet glass, and assembled on edge. This technique lends itself to geometric and linear designs.

Pattern Bars- are strips of glass or stringers that are cut and bundled together to form one large glass bar then fired in a kiln, when formed these bars can be cut into slices with a glass saw. The individual slices are then assembled and  re-fused to make unique bowls or platters.


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