Gallery - Cold Worked Glass

"Coldworking" can be defined as the manipulation and alteration of glass without the addition of heat. The changing of form and surface via some sort of mechanical or hand-manipulated method. Grinding and sanding are often used as synonyms to coldwork. Grinding refers to flat grinding on the lap wheel, while sanding is more associated with the belt sander. Coldworking is often the last bit of work that is done to a piece of glass before it is considered finished.

HXTAL Epoxy Adhesive is an ultra pure resin that remains water white (clear and totally transparent) over both time and with extreme exposure to direct light. Many glass artist use HXTAL epoxy to glue pieces of various glass together to form art.

Orasol Dye are pure dyes (not mixtures of dyes) made by Ciba-Geigy from complexes of chromium, cobalt or copper. They are quality powder pigments, and selected for purity, permanence, brilliance and working characteristics. All of these pure, very finely ground, light-proof dry colors mix easily with epoxy coatings and adhesives.

Every piece is one of a kind, and is the result of Hours of Labor.

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