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Saturday, February 27th, 2010

I find my inspiration just by absorbing nature

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

February has been unbelievable for snow! Spring!!

LeTort Glass ?

Monday, February 1st, 2010

People ask me how did you come up with the name “LeTort Glass”¬† for your Store- Studio?

The LeTort has been referred to as the “shrine of American fly-fishing”, a classic limestone spring run¬† on an internationally famous trout stream.¬† This stream runs through Carlisle Pennsylvania. My Store-Studio happens to sit near the LeTort stream.¬† This gives a point of reference. If you have ever been to Carlisle Pa. you will notice that there are many places named after the LeTort Stream such as schools, parks, and even streets.

When I first opened LeTort Glass I was in a strip mall space right by the LeTort Park called “Castle Commons”.¬† Two years later I needed to find a larger space with lots of parking as well as affordable rent.¬† As much as a surprise to me I found this Great Warehouse space¬† on the other side of town which just happened to be available. However, I had to build the space with walls , electric,¬† lighting, and water.¬† This was a Big project, but it has proven to be worth it. I love my Large open Studio space and I even have a Huge Sky light which is right over one of my work tables.¬† When you enter the front door you will see displays of my finished art and in¬† the back of my Store- Studio is where the Kilns are along with all the¬† Cold working equipment.

Ironically I found out that this warehouse that my Store-Studio is in is called The LeTort Warehouse.¬† I hope this answers any questions about the name “LeTort Glass”

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