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Custom Lamp

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Custom Lamp/Fabricated Fixture

When my customer came to me and asked me to pick a lamp from a  catalog that I could customize to fit a space and the decor of her home, of course I said yes. This project became challenging with a education. I spent many hours working with window glass making prototypes, drilling lots of holes and engineering strength and stability with each piece of glass. How fortunate for me that my studio is next door to a machine shop. They where able to make me extra extenders for each panel as well as  longer threads for each extender.  Each Panel was created with  fusing  glass powders/frits/ dichroic glass/ glass wafers. Two of the panels have been etched on one side and there are 4 holes that I drilled into each panel.  Each panel has 2 firings, first fused together and then slumped to take the shape of a wave. After the 2 firing (slump) I drilled the holes, of course with lots of measuring in  between.

There are 4 smaller clear glass panels that hang right below 4  lights they are also etched with circles. The etching creates a fused light effect which is soft on the eyes.

This was a fun project! This has also opened doors for more light fixtures.


Monday, February 7th, 2011

Our Surroundings РHow blessed we are to have all of this in our backyards! Finally warm enough weather to get a hike in the woods. 

Kings Gap 2/6/2011

I call this “Expression”

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