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Harford Fair, New Milford, PA.

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

Art what is it?

A Skill that is being used to express the artists creativity, communicate an idea, or possibly tells a story maybe even evokes a specific emotion.¬† Some people might say that Art has to effect you, make you laugh, or remind you of something you’d almost forgotten, make a statement or bring attention to an issue that is important to you or even¬† dare to be different. One might think that Art has to have a uniqueness¬† which relates to not only what the artist is depicting but also how the artist is depicting it.

On August 21, 2011  РI had the privilege of judging the Glass category at the Harford Fair, New Milford, Pa. which is  Celebrating 154 years.

The Applicants age group went from 12years & younger¬† to Adults & Professionals working with stained glass, kiln formed glass (fused), mosaic’s, and cold worked glass (etched).

The process of judging others creativity in glass is new to me, so I kept  a note book as I went through each art piece.

1. Beauty 2. Skill 3. meaning 4. uniqueness 5.intent

1. repeating shapes, patterns and symmetry 2. color/color that complements

3. textures 4. composition 5. flow 6. appealing proportions 7. presentation and framing.  Sum it up: Each piece has to appeal to you and should be skillfully made.

What surprised me most about judging was how it has made me think in ways I had never expected. I am not sure I can explain this …but I am going to keep this feeling with me and just maybe it will come through my own work.







Thank You Katie for All your Help!

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