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San Sebastian- Eduardo Chillida

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

San Sebastian- Playa de la Concha – this is one of Spain’s best beaches tucked away in the middle of nowhere, requiring a car or a stay at a resort hotel if you want to visit. La Playa de la Concha in San Sebastian, the best city beach in Spain (perhaps the whole of Europe)

San Sebastian is home to the region’s best pintxos, the Basque name for tapas, giving you something more to do after a day at the beach.

Eduardo Chillida- was a Spanish Basque sculptor notable for his monumental abstract works. Eduardo grew up in San Sebastian. He went on to study architecture at the University of Madrid. He abandoned architecture for art, and moved to Paris, where he set up his first studio and began working in plaster and clay. He never finished his degree and instead began to take private art lessons.

In 1950 he married and later returned to the San Sebastian area. He died at his home near San Sebastian at the age of 78.

Chillida’s earliest sculptures concentrated on the human form, his later works tended to be more massive and more abstract, producing many monumental public works. Chillida himself rejected the label of “abstract” ,  preferring instead to call himself a “realist sculptor.”

I was commissioned to create a abstract interpretation of San Sebastian and Eduardo Chillida’s sculptor in stained glass. These are some of my favorite moments in my work. I just love it when I am allowed by my customers (and they trust my abilities) to use my own creativity. Very, Very rewarding!

“Color, like music takes a shortcut to our senses and our emotions.”

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